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How Autonomous Action Augments Human Teams

Darktrace-hosted Zoom
July 14, 2022

The sheer scale and complexity of cyber-threats has meant the challenge of securing your business has gone beyond a human-scalable problem. Security teams are inundated with alerts, while simultaneously trying to monitor data and activity spread across disparate environments, and respond to attacks in real-time. To rise to this challenge, the next phase of security must be automated. During this session, you will learn:

- Why mounting incidents across organizations are leading to alert fatigue

- How to trust the efficacy of autonomous response capabilities to stop in-progress attacks

- How automation can help to build cyber resilience and more effectively allocate resources

Justin Fier
SVP, Red Team Operations
Andrew Tsonchev
VP of Technology
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How Autonomous Action Augments Human Teams
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How Autonomous Action Augments Human Teams
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