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Mike Beck, Chief Information Security Officer, Darktrace



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今朝早く、Darktraceはサイバー犯罪集団 LockBit が Darktrace の内部セキュリティシステムに侵入し、当社のデータにアクセスしたとするツイートを確認しました。当社のセキュリティチームは、当社の内部システムの完全なレビューを実行しましたが、侵害の証拠は一切見当たりませんでした。LockBitによるソーシャルメディアへの投稿はいずれも、当社のデータに一切関連するものではありません。当社は引き続き状況を注意深く注視していきますが、現在の調査に基づき、当社のシステムは引き続き安全であり、すべての顧客データは完全に保護されていると確信しています。


Darktrace to Present Key Sessions at Black Hat USA 2022

Presentations Cover Hardening the Attack Surface for the City of Las Vegas and An Outcome Based Approach to Cyber Security
Las Vegas, NV - Black Hat USA 2022
August 5, 2022

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Darktrace to Present Key Sessions at Black Hat USA 2022

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August 5, 2022

Darktrace, a global leader in cyber security artificial intelligence, today announced it will present two sessions at Black Hat USA 2022. Listed below, Darktrace speakers will explore preventative approaches to cyber security that are redefining how organizations and smart cities mitigate cyber risk.

“I’m honored to be presenting alongside Michael Sherwood, Chief Innovation Officer from the City of Las Vegas, about how organizations can take a more proactive approach to cyber risk to stay steps ahead of the attacker,” said Nicole Eagan, Chief Strategy & AI Officer, Darktrace. “Now is the moment to have a global conversation on how we can evolve our collective thinking as threats evolve and leverage AI as an always-on feedback mechanism to strengthen our entire security ecosystem.”

Throughout the conference, Darktrace will be stationed at Booth #1132, showing publicly for the first time the recently launched Darktrace PREVENT™, a product family that uses AI to ‘think like an attacker,’ finding pathways to an organization’s most critical assets and people from inside and outside. PREVENT is the third product area in Darktrace’s delivery of a Cyber AI Loop, the industry-first set of AI capabilities which work together autonomously to optimize an organization’s state of security through a continuous feedback loop.

Darktrace sessions at Black Hat include:

How Darktrace Helps the City of Las Vegas Harden Its Attack Surface

Date: Wednesday, August 10 | 10:20am-11:10am (Mandalay Bay I)


●     Nicole Eagan | Chief Strategy & AI Officer, Darktrace

●     Justin Fier | VP, Tactical Risk and Response, Darktrace

●     Michael Sherwood | Chief Innovation Officer, the City of Las Vegas

Track: Risk, Compliance and Security Management

Details: A challenge for security teams is understanding and prioritizing the real risks their organizations face. Smart Cities, like the City of Las Vegas, are no exception. Beyond general vulnerabilities, what paths might an attacker take to cause the most disruption? Applying AI research led Darktrace experts to discover, simulate, and prioritize external and internal cyber risk for customers like the City of Las Vegas. While threats increase in complexity, hear how a new technology in preventative security goes far beyond shiny tools to streamline continuous testing of controls to ensure real world risks are mitigated.

Outcome-based AI Cyber Security: Are We Ready?

Date: Wednesday, August 10 | 8:00am-8:15am (Virtual)

Speaker: Justin Fier | VP, Tactical Risk and Response, Darktrace

Track: Risk, Compliance and Security Management

Details: In the cult classic movie ‘War Games,’ Matthew Broderick used a rotary phone to dial in to the WOPR – an AI that could simulate different scenarios and carry out real world outcomes.Thirty years later, we are still haunted by the words, “Shall we play a game?” Now the Darktrace AI Research Centre has found safe ways for AI to help us understand our attack surface, identify attack paths, emulate cyber-attacks, and ensure we have effective countermeasures in place. Take a glimpse into the current state of preventive AI systems that continuously harden defenses.

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